Gastronaut Easter Food Fun13 Mar

gastronauts2This Easter the National Space Centre is set to make tummies rumble and taste buds tingle in the ultimate celebration of all things foodie!

A brand new Space Kitchen has been installed in the heart of the galleries and the very best suppliers, producers and chefs from the East Midlands will be dropping in daily to host demonstrations and workshops for visitors to enjoy.

These range from afternoon tea in 30 minutes, including baking scones and making jam from Sandra at Whetstone Pastures, to a baked bean curry for the kids to make for Mum from the cook at home curry kings Previns.

When the real foodies are not showing off their skills, our very own Space Crew will be taking over to have fun with food science.

Bacon and egg instant ice-cream, making sweet things taste sour and sour things taste sweet, future foods, tasty creepy crawlies and even meat made in a lab for astronauts, will all take centre stage.

Easter also sees the return of the Great Egg Race, thanks to the Centre’s very own Technical Director who won the BBC2 TV show in 1981 with Professor Heinz Wolff. Graham and his team have created a challenge for visitors to design and build a spacecraft for an egg that will ensure it does not crack up upon re-entry!

Malika Andress, Head of Marketing at the National Space Centre said; “It has been great putting all the activities for this holiday period together, as everybody has been so enthusiastic. I am sure it has something to do with the fantastic food that will be filling the building for three weeks, but it has also been great talking with the real East Midlands foodies who are truly passionate about sharing their ideas, products and love of food with everybody, young and old.”

For full details of the daily events and how to get a free Annual Pass upgrade to come back every day over the Easter holiday, please see














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