Sushi by Yuko from Ginko Sushi02 Feb

Back by popular demand, Yuko will excite your taste buds and get you involved in this fun, tasty demo of Sushi cuisine. Why not join me on Friday 27th March and learn this traditional art.

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  1. Sarah hobbs Reply


    I am looking to go on Sushi, Thai and healthy eating cookery courses I am presently out the country but return 1st April. Do you have any of those forces available in the near future please?


    • Angie Claydon Reply

      Good Afternoon, Sarah.
      Thank you for your enquiry. Our next Thai course is on Saturday 2nd July. I will be publishing the June/July dates next week.

      We also have a Vegetarian Cookery course on 21st May. Another course you may be interested in is Six Sumptuous Salads on Saturday 18th July. These dates will also be live next week.
      You mentioned healthy eating courses – we like to think all our courses are ‘healthy eating’ because they are made with fresh ingredients with no hidden fats, sugars or preservatives. If there is something specific within healthy eating that interests you please let us know and we’ll be keen to help you with this.

      The next Sushi course is to be confirmed with Yuko.

      I will message you once I have published the new dates.

      Thank you again for your enquiry. Kind regards

      Angie Claydon

    • Angie Claydon Reply

      Good Afternoon, Sarah.
      More dates have gone live today. I am still constructing the Vegetarian Day Course Page which will be on Saturday 21st April and another on Saturday 23rd July.

      If you check out our drop down menus the Six Sumptuous Summer Salads are there, too!

      Kind regards


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