Short courses


Wednesday 1st - Pudding Club (Delice de cassis)
Thursday 2ndKnife Skills

Wednesday 8thPudding Club (millionaires Shortbread)
Thursday 9thPizza and Beer
Friday 10thJapanese Hirata buns

Wednesday 15thPudding Club (profiter Rolls)
Thursday 16thPie and Pint
Friday 17thQuick Fish Dish

Wednesday 22nd - Pudding Club
Thursday 23rdPasta Pronto
Friday 24thCurry in a Hurry

Wednesday 29thPudding Club
Thursday 30thSpanish Cookery


Friday 1stHandmade Christmas Chocolates

Wednesday 6thPudding Club (Minced Pies)
Thursday 7thChristmas Baking Part 1. (Christmas Cake)
Friday 8thChristmas Baking Part 2. (Christmas Pudding)

Wednesday 13thPudding Club (Panettone Bread and Butter pudding)
Thursday 14thSausage Making cookery course
Friday 15thKnife Skills cookery course

Wednesday 20thPudding Club (Hazelnut Biscotti)
Thursday 21st“Italian Christmas Special”

January 2018

Wednesday 17thPudding Club (Honey and Walnut Tart with clotted cream)
Thursday 18thSpanish cookery Course (Paella)

Wednesday 24thPudding Club(Melting Chocolate fondant with Crème Fraiche)
Thursday 25thCurry in a Hurry
Friday 26thPasta Pronto
Wednesday 31st - Pudding Club  “French Macaron”

February 2018

Thursday 1st – Sausage Making
Friday 2nd – Knife Skills
Saturday 3rd – Thai Cookery
Sunday 4th – Vietnamese cookery

Wednesday 7thPudding Club  “Tart Tatin”
Thursday 8th – Japanese Hirata Buns
Friday 9th – Quick Fish Dish
Saturday 10th – Fish Masterclass
Sunday 11th – Shellfish Masterclass

Wednesday 14thPudding Club “White chocolate and Raspberry Heart ”
Thursday 15th – Pie and Pint
Friday 16th – February Pizza and Beer
Saturday 17th – Perfect Pastry
Sunday 18th – British Baking

Wednesday 21stPudding Club “Baked vanilla Cheesecake”
Thursday 22nd – Spanish Paella
Friday 23rd – Hand Dipped Chocolates
Saturday 24th – Taste of Game (Wild seasonal food)
Sunday 25th – Venison Masterclass

Wednesday 28th FebruaryPudding Club  (lemon polenta cake, Masala glazed Pears)

March 2018

Thursday 1st – Sausage Making
Friday 2nd – Japanese Hirata Buns
Saturday 3rd – Artisan Bread Level 1
Sunday 4th – Artisan Bread Level 2

Wednesday 7thPudding Club  (Passion fruit Delise)
Thursday 8th – Pizza and Beer
Friday 9th – Artisan Bread Level 3 (sourdough part 1.) 6pm-9pm Two part course
Saturday 10th – Artisan Bread Level 3 (sourdough part 2.) 8am-2pm approx
Sunday 11th – Chocolate Heaven (Mothering Sunday Special)

Wednesday 14thPudding Club (chocolate and Peanut tart)
Thursday 15th – Pasta Pronto
Friday 16th – Curry In a Hurry
Saturday 17th – Italian cookery (Spring Menu)
Sunday 18th – Indian cookery

Wednesday 21stPudding Club  (Millionaires shortbread)
Thursday 22nd – Japanese (steamed Hirata Buns)
Friday 23rd – Knife Skills cookery course
Saturday 24th – Thai Cookery course
Sunday 25th – Vietnamese Cookery course

Wednesday 28thPudding Club  (French Macaron)
Thursday 29th – Hand Dipped Chocolates (Easter Special)
Friday 30th – Quick Fish Dish
Saturday 31st – Fish Masterclass
Sunday 1st April – Shellfish Masterclass  (Easter Sunday)

April 2018

Wednesday 11thPudding Club  (The perfect Soufflé)
Thursday 12th – Pie and Pint
Friday 13th – Pizza and Beer
Saturday 14th – Perfect Pastry
Sunday 15th – British Baking

Wednesday 18thPudding Club (Individual Pavlova with Passion fruit and mango)
Thursday 19th – Hand Dipped chocolates
Friday 20th – Spanish Paella
Saturday 21st – Vegetarian cookery
Sunday 22nd – Chocolate Heaven

Wednesday 25thPudding Club  (Italian Pastries)
Thursday 26th – Japanese (steamed Hirata Buns)
Friday 27th – Sausage Making
Saturday 28th – Artisan Bread Level 1
Sunday 29th – Artisan bread level 2

May 2018

Wednesday 2ndPudding Club  (Traditional Baked Egg Custard, champagne Rhubarb)
Thursday 3rd – Pizza and Beer
Friday 4th – Artisan Bread Level 3 (sourdough part 1.) 6pm-9pm Two part course
Saturday 5th – Artisan Bread Level 3 (sourdough part 2.) 8am-2pm approx
Sunday 6th – Chocolate Heaven

Wednesday 9thPudding Club  (French Macaron)
Thursday 10th – Pasta Pronto
Friday 11th – Curry in a Hurry
Saturday 12th – Italian cookery (Spring)
Sunday 13th – Indian cookery

Wednesday 16thPudding Club  (Chocolate Mousse cake, mirror glaze)
Thursday 17th – Japanese (steamed Hirata Buns)
Friday 18th – Knife Skills
Saturday 19th – Thai Cookery
Sunday 20th – Vietnamese cookery

June 2018

Wednesday 6thPudding Club  (vanilla Panne cotta, strawberry soup)
Thursday 7th – Hand Dipped Chocolates
Friday 8th – Quick Fish Dish
Saturday 9th – Fish Masterclass
Sunday 10th – Shellfish Masterclass

Wednesday 13thPudding Club (summer Pudding)
Thursday 14th – Pizza and Beer
Friday 15th – Pie and Pint
Saturday 16th – Perfect Pastry
Sunday 17th – British Baking

Wednesday 20thPudding Club  (strawberry shortcake)
Thursday 21st – Spanish Paella
Friday 22nd closed
Saturday 23rd – Vegetarian cookery
Sunday 24th – Chocolate Heaven

Wednesday 27thPudding Club  (chocolate Maquis, salt caramel, crème fraiche)
Thursday 28th – Sausage Making
Friday 29th Closed
Saturday 30th – Artisan Bread Level 1
Sunday 1st July – Artisan Bread Level 2

July 2018

Wednesday 4thPudding Club  (apricot and almond tart)
Thursday 5th closed
Friday 6th – Artisan Bread Level 3 (sourdough part 1.) 6pm-9pm Two part course
Saturday 7th – Artisan Bread Level 3 (sourdough part 2.) 8am-2pm approx
Sunday 8th Closed

Wednesday 11thPudding Club  (Chocolate tears)
Thursday 12th – Pasta Pronto
Friday 13th – Curry in a Hurry
Saturday 14th – Italian cookery (summer)
Sunday 15th – Indian cookery

Wednesday 18thPudding Club (French Macaron)
Thursday 19th – Knife Skills
Friday 20th closed
Saturday 21st – Thai cookery
Sunday 22nd – Vietnamese cookery

Wednesday 25thPudding Club  (Strawberry Trifle with lavender custard)
Thursday 26th Closed
Friday 27th – Quick Fish Dish
Saturday 28th – Fish Masterclass
Sunday 29th – Shellfish Masterclass

Summer kids and uni student courses to follow..!!

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