Short courses

Sep 2020

Pudding Club - Apple Tart Tatin - 2nd September
Hand Raised Pork Pie - Thursday 3rd September
Sausage making - Friday 4th September
Pudding Club - Italian style Pear and Almond tart - 9th September
Pizza & Beer - Thursday 10th September
Pudding Club - Cannoli, filled Italian fried Pastries - 16th September
Pasta Pronto - Thursday 17th September
Curry in a Hurry - Friday 18th September
Pudding Club - Chocolate Marquis with salt caramel and pistachio - 23rd September
Malaysian cookery - Thursday 24th September
Knife skills - Friday 25th September

Oct 2020

Sushi Rolls - Thursday 1st October
Quick Fish Dish - Friday 2nd October
Pudding Club - Lemon & almond polenta cake with Masala pears - 7th October
Hand Dipped Chocolates - Thursday 8th October
Pie & Pint - Friday 9th October
Japanese Cookery - Steamed Hirata Buns - Thursday 15th October
Spanish Cookery (Paella) - Friday 16th October
Pudding Club - Delice De Cassis, black currant mousse cake - 21st October

Nov 2020

Hand Raised Pork Pie - Thursday 5th November
Sausage making - Friday 6th November
Pudding Club - Chocolate orange torte - 11th November
Pizza & Beer - Thursday 12th November
Pudding Club - Chocolate Nemesis, salt caramel, pistachio - 18th November
Pasta Pronto - Thursday 19th November
Curry in a Hurry - Friday 20th November
Pudding Club - Luxury Mince Pies - 25th November
Malaysian cookery - Thursday 26th November
Knife skills - Friday 27th November

Dec 2020

Pudding Club - Christmas Pudding - 2nd December
Sushi Rolls - Thursday 3rd December
Quick Fish Dish - Friday 4th December
Pudding Club - Christmas Yule Log - 9th December
Pie & Pint - Thursday 10th December
Christmas Hand Dipped Chocolates - Friday 11th December
Pudding Club - Honey, pistachio and almond Nougat - 16th December
Spanish Cookery (Paella) - Thursday 17th December
Japanese Cookery - Steamed Hirata Buns - Friday 18th December

Jan 2021

Sausage making (Home Cured Salami) - Friday 15th January
Pudding Club - Crème caramel a la orange - 20th January
Pizza & Beer - Thursday 21st January
Pudding Club - The Perfect chocolate Brownie - 27th January
Pasta Pronto - Thursday 28th January
Curry in a Hurry - Friday 29th January

Feb 2021

Pudding Club - Tart Tatin - 3rd February
Malaysian cookery - Thursday 4th February
Knife skills - Friday 5th February
Pudding Club - Passion fruit and Mango Pavlova - 10th February
Pie & Pint - Thursday 11th February
Valentines Hand Dipped Chocolates - Friday 12th February
Pudding Club - Coconut Bavarois with roast, spiced pineapple - 17th February
Sushi Rolls - Thursday 18th February
Quick Fish Dish - Friday 19th February
Japanese Cookery - Steamed Hirata Buns - Thursday 25th February
Spanish Cookery (Paella) - Friday 26th February

Mar 2021

Pudding Club - chocolate and orange mousse cake - 3rd March
Hand Raised Pork Pie - Thursday 4th March
Sausage making (Home Cured Salami) - Friday 5th March
Pizza & Beer - Thursday 11th March
Pudding Club - Honey and Almond Nougat - 17th March
Pasta Pronto - Thursday 18th March
Curry in a Hurry - Friday 19th March
Pudding Club - Chocolate and peanut butter cheesecake - 24th March
Malaysian cookery - Thursday 25th March
Knife skills - Friday 26th March

Apr 2021

Pie & Pint - Thursday 1st April

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