Past Courses

Sausages in the snow05 Feb

Despite the snowy conditions, students battled through to attend our sausage making course. After a much deserved cup of coffee Richard Curtis showed the students how to bone a pork joint, mince their own sausage meat and then ultimately create a string of sausages.

Thanks to all the students that attended the course.


Past Courses

Caribbean flavours09 Aug

On Saturday a group of sutdents joined Wendi Jarrett to recreate some of the delicious flavours from the Caribbean. The students prepared Jerked pork from the Portland on the east coast of Jamaica, Eschoveich Fish – seasoned cooked fish with a spicy vinegar marinade, aubergine rundown a tasty dish with spiced tomato and coconut sauce, all topped off with traditional Jamaican fried dumplings. After enjoying a fantastic lunch the sutdents then went on to create their own salsa dishes. Thanks to Wendi for a fabulous day.

The next Caribbean course will run on Saturday 3 September – book your place


Past Courses

Sausages galore31 Jul

On Saturday 23 July a number of students joined Richard Curtis for a short course on sausage making. After taking the students through how to bone a joint of pork, prepare and season sausage meat, they then went onto create a string of garlic & chili, honey & mustard and herb seasoned sausages. After a cooking up  a few to taste, the students all took home plenty of sausages to put on the BBQ.


Past Courses

The doors are open20 Jun

Its official, after months of planning we have opened the doors to our fantastic new cookery school. A warm welcome awaited our first students who came along to attend our Artisan Bread course.

After coffee and croissants the students kicked off the day making a white batch loaf, followed by soda bread which they enjoyed over lunch. The afternoon session commenced with malt crunch loaf, swiftly followed by fruit buns enjoyed with afternoon coffee. Richard Curtis, who tutored the students said ‘the new kitchen is fantastic and will ensure that we can extend the range of course available, we have all had a great day.’

The students all left armed with lots of fresh baked bread and a dozen fruit buns!




Past Courses

A great fish masterclass12 May

On 7 May a group of enthusiastic students joined Richard Curtis for a fish masterclass.

During the day students learnt how to fillet flat and round bodied fish, gained tips on how to store and identify the freshest fish.  As a mid morning snack ceviche of seabass was served. Students then went onto to prepare and cook their own lunch poached plaice fillets in a white wine and lumpfish caviar sauce served on a bed of asparagus.

After a glass of wine and a few ‘fishy jokes’ each student  filleted a freshly caught local trout, which was taken home ready for dinner!

Past Courses

Chocolate heaven in East Haddon!03 May






On 16 April a number of students joined us for a heavenly day of cooking with chocolate.

Karen Davies took the students through preparing and cooking several dishes, including chocolate roulade, sachertorte, chocolate tart with chocolate pastry. A couple of students were caught on camera licking their fingers!

With an afternoon cuppa students got the opportunity to try the delicious chocolate pots prepared by Karen.

With all their hard work carefully boxed up, the students then drove home, very slowly,  to enjoy the fruits of their chocolate labour.

Our next chocolate course is taking place Saturday 25 June

Past Courses

Fishy tails27 Mar

On Saturday 5 March eight students joined us for a fish masterclass. Tutored by Richard Curtis, students learnt how to fillet and preparefish, how to identify and store quality fresh fish. Students enjoyed a mid morning snack of ceviche of seabass with lime and chili. They then went onto prepare lunch which was served with a fabulous glass of chilled white wine. A perfect masterclass!

Past Courses

Sausages galore!27 Feb

A number of students joined Richard Curtis at Holdenby House this weekend for a short course in the art of sausage making.

A huge thanks to all the delegates who threw themselves wholeheartedly into boning a joint of pork, making mince meat, and after a little bit of hesitation, skinning and stringing their own row of sausages – true butchers style!

Past Courses

World Cup curry challenge29 May

On the warmest weekend so far this year our students arrived to take on the challenge of preparing and cooking chicken tikka masala, onion bhajis and pilau rice. Under Richards tuition everyone quickly entered into the spirit of the course, with the fabulous aromas and flavours rising across the kitchen. 

A huge thanks to the students who rose to the challenge and left the course with a ready made meal and the recipes to recreate the dishes at home. All we need to round it up is a few goals – come on England!

Lots more pictures and a fantastic video of the class will be on our site shortly.

Past Courses

Bread baking at its best20 Apr

On Saturday 17 April a number of students joined chef Richard Curtis on our famous Artisan bread course. During the day the team learnt all the skills associated with this specialist baking skill, culminating with the students taking home arms full of fresh tasty bread.

Date for your diary – on 15 May will be running a pastry day – details being published soon

For the students a recipe – as promised by Richard 

Half spongeA sponge dough for adding to a bread or roll recipe to enhance the flavour & texture of the final product 
400 ml of warm water (32oC / 34oC)
100 ml low fat yogurt
10 g yeast
400g strong flour
100 g wholemeal, rye or spelt
Rest for 18 to 24 hours at 20oC/ 24 oC max
Add to bread or roll dough recipe



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