Sourdough Bread Making – 2 day course – £195

Sourdough Bread Making Course

On this two part course we will be producing sourdough breads.

The course will be in two parts starting on Friday Night 6pm-9pm and then Saturday 8am-2pm and will be restricted to a maximum of 6 students at one time. Students will be instructed to produce their own starter culture at home a few weeks prior to the course as it can take a little time to produce a good strong ferment which is crucial but quite simple to do.

On the Friday we will create a high hydration over night dough with your own starter ferments and a blend of flours, you will be taught the stretch and fold techniques required to build the classic light airy style structured dough typical of this style of bread.

Also we will produce a sponge for a San Franciscan sourdough bread which we will continue making on the Saturday.

We will also be preparing at two other doughs to show the versatility of the natural ferment. Brioche burger buns and an onion and bay leaf bread.

This will be followed by supper in the Red Lion.

Saturday morning we will produce our San Franciscan sourdough and bake our over night doughs.

We will also be looking at the care of the starter ferment and a couple of useful recipes for using your discarded starter ie sourdough waffles and cakes followed by lunch.


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