Venison Cookery – £130

The best ways to use a deer carcass!

Not only is James an accomplished chef, in his spare time he has a passion for shooting regularly bringing food from field to fork…
…on this course James will teach you the journey from butchery to delicious meal!

Your day will consist of:

  • Venison butchery demonstration – breaking down a whole carcass into joints and discussing their uses
  • Seam butchery demonstration – getting the most from your venison joint

You will prepare and cook two dishes:

  • Wild Venison Ragout with potato gnocchi
  • Saddle of Venison marinated in sage, rosemary and garlic with Cavolo Nero and Parmesan Polenta – which you will enjoy for lunch!

Your course will begin at 9.30am through to 3.30pm. All your ingredients, recipes and lunch are provided.

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